Simplifying Insurance

Applying user-centric design to conceptualise the Cove Insurance experience
Company Overview
Cove Insurance is a digital-first New Zealand insurance startup, focused on simplicity, customer experience and great value. The team believed it was time to evolve the world of insurance. Time is a scarce resource and people deserve a seamless experience in keeping with a digitally-enabled world.
My Responsibilities
• Early-stage concept development and product design
• Design guidance on Cove Insurance Customer Experience (CX), Customer Journey (CJ) and User Experience (UX)
• Assisting with developing a user-centric insurance product set
• Guidance on the overall brand and marketing strategy
• UX/UI design for AI chatbot and website experiences
• Responsive web design for insurance customer journeys (insurance purchase flow and account management)
• Interviewing and guiding hiring decisions on key product and marketing team members
Cove is one of New Zealand's youngest fintech companies. It is an insurance startup founded in 2017 focusing on simplicity and customer innovation. I had the opportunity to be involved in helping define the overall Cove Insurance brand and product positioning, by acting as both the strategic board advisor and main product designer for Cove Insurance.

Within a year of launch, we managed to sell over 2000 policies across motor vehicle and phone insurance. Cove is technology-focused by being mobile-first, self-serviced orientated and super fast at claims handling. We defined our core strengths by looking at areas where traditional insurers were weakest with millennial segment customers. We wanted to make insurance simple, smart and intuitive for people who were otherwise skeptical of insurance.

As Cove was one of the first fintech companies I've been involved in, it gave me new insights on the various challenges faced by financial service organisations. It is a ripe area for innovation but requires teams to always challenge the status-quo. I believe the opportunity in fintech lies in continuously adopting a user-centric approach to redesign not just products and services, but entirely new business models and operational processes. The commitment to deliver maximum customer value will create substantial opportunities in this area for years to come.
Cove Insurance
Product Designer
Strategic Board Member
Mar 2016 – Feb 2019